What is a personal treatment plan?

Many people have asked over the years what a personal treatment plan is, and the best way to answer the question is to say that it is a plan that results from a thorough visual and radiographic examination of the dental tissues. This allows you to achieve a healthy, attractive, comfortable mouth.

The following forms the basis of a dental examination with us at Rathdrum Dental

1 . Examination

  • Soft Tissue – oral cancer screening
  • Skin, tongue, lips & cheeks

2. Gum Disease Assessment

  • Bleeding
  • Plaque scores
  • Periodontal probing
  • Movement of teeth
  • Inflammation

3. Bite

  • Comfort
  • Function
  • Grinding/ clenching habits

4. Teeth

  • Presence of cavities on/or between teeth
  • Quality of existing fillings
  • Sensitivity
  • Appearance
  • Colour
  • Staining
  • Pain

5. Cosmetic factors

  • Straight or crooked teeth
  • Attractive smile
  • Old or worn crowns
  • Poor/ill fitting dentures

From the result of this we are in a position to discuss with you the various treatment options that are available specific to your situation. When we find the best option that suits you and your budget, we then provide you with a written treatment plan listing the amount of appointments, the time involved and of course the price.

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